Our vision

  • To catalyse urban food system transformation, focusing on the City of Birmingham as a scalable case study, partnering with citizens and food system stakeholders to create a reproducible, collaborative change process
  • To forge a novel, local research ecosystem to ensure the co-production of evidence-informed solutions to current food system challenges
  • To generate food system interventions that will lead to substantial and positive health, environmental, economic and societal impacts
  • To influence action in cities across the UK and internationally using the body of knowledge generated

Our principles

  • Co-production with stakeholders, including all sectors and the public
  • Closer alignment of commercial and population health and sustainability goals
  • Prioritise population level, low agency interventions
  • Design and deliver interventions within complex adaptive systems framework
  • Anticipate and mitigate unwanted industry reactions to interventions
  • Minimise external costs of the food system (environmental, social and health)

Our theory of change

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